Seton was named the Best Community of the Year at the 2021 BILD Calgary Regions Awards!

A lot goes into award-winning communities and Seton is no exception. One of Seton’s most notable features is the South Health Campus, employing hundreds of Calgarians and serving countless more. Building on this idea of being so close to work, we developed Seton to be like a unique urban experience in the city’s south-east.

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What goes into an award-winning community?

Walkability remained a key factor as we developed out the surrounding neighbourhood. Plus, the walkable amenities aren’t only for the adults. We sponsored a new YMCA facility in the community situated right next to Joane Cardinal-Schubert High School, providing students with plenty of out-of-school activities.

Though the Homeowner’s Association facility isn’t complete yet, you can feel the association’s presence all over. From the regular events that they hold to the park space and trails throughout, you can feel the care that community members have. There’s even a skatepark in the neighbourhood that’s maintained year-round – yes, you can skateboard in January at Seton!

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Seton’s bright future

Our teams worked tirelessly to develop the community of Seton, but it’s the residents who truly make it an award-winning community. We are so excited to see this community continue to grow, welcome more new neighbours, and continue adding value to the lives of Calgarians. We hope many more Calgarians can call Seton the best place to call home.

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