When was Seton launched?
Seton was launched in 2018.
How many schools are in Seton?
There are five future school sites in Seton. The first school, Joane Cardinal-Schubert High (10-12), is now open.
How many residents will call Seton home?
Seton will be home to approximately 17,500 residents.
When will Seton be completed?
Seton will be fully built out in the next 5-10 Years. This is based on market demand*
Is there local shopping & retail?
Seton offers a unique shopping experience of 3 retail districts, which include restaurants, grocery stores, banks, services, and Cineplex Odeon Seton (Calgary's 1st VIP Cinema).
Will Seton Have a Homeowners Association?
Yes, we are so excited to bring the Brookfield Homeowners Association (HOA) experience to Seton. The Seton HOA will be the catalyst for healthy, fun, and vibrant living. By providing motivating and inspiring environments, events and program that support and elevate healthy choices - the Seton HOA is an example of how an exciting urban environment can bring out the best in community.