When completed, the Seton Homeowners’ Association will be the heart of the community. The 13,000-square-foot facility will have a splash park, hockey rink, tennis courts and more.

  • What’s a Homeowners’ Association (HOA)?

    HOAs promote active lifestyles and enhance the quality of life for residents. They do this by offering tailored events and programming for all ages and abilities.

  • What is the role of an HOA?

    The primary role is supporting the operations of the HOA facility, The non-profit organization also takes care of landscaping and maintenance in key areas and supports activities throughout Seton.

  • Your association, your vision

    The Seton HOA fosters community engagement and nurtures a sense of belonging. As a resident, you automatically become a member of the Seton HOA and have the opportunity to volunteer for the Board of Directors.

We're getting set to build!

With our development permit secured and plans to expand the site to 6 acres, we’re excited to announce that construction will commence this summer once the building permit is finalized.

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Updates and information

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Get construction updates, membership details, information about annual fees and more at the Seton HOA website.