Explore Seton’s diverse array of retailers, shops and services.

Shopping for the freshest bread, produce and dairy is never a chore when your community caters to daily shopping that’s fun, social and easy. You’ll quickly find your perfect-fit barista, florist or shopkeeper, thanks to a never-boring, eclectic mix of shops and their owners, eager to meet every need.

North Retail District

The North Retail District, an open format regional shopping centre with a variety of stores ranging from 1,500 sq.ft. to 32,000 sq.ft.

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Gateway District

Located close at the entrance of Seton, the ‘Gateway’ district’s 130,000 square feet of distinctively designed retail space.

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Entertainment District

Take part in Calgary's First premium theatre in Seton.

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Market Street

At the heart of Seton runs Market Street, bringing the urban experience to life with speciality shops, boutiques, cafés and other services.

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Leasing Opportunities

Here’s your chance to be part of a cluster of dynamic developments, all serving a rapidly-growing, evolving area of the city that promises to become a destination for Calgarians in all quadrants.

Seton Urban District